Archives - June 2014


Official start of activities on Koseze pond

Prof. Janez Koželj, Vice Mayor of the City of Ljubljana and Marko Gerl, director of Arhel Ltd, officially opened a dock and launched a vessel Stop CyanoBloom 1 on Koseze pond, on 12 June 2014. The vessel will enable continuous detection of cyanobacteria and other water parameters and in the next year a mitigation of …


Opening of the dock and start of the operation of the vessel

Cordially invited to Koseze pond on the opening of the dock and start of the operation of the research vessel. The opening will take place on Thursday, 12th of June 2014, at 12 am. The opening will continue with an Open day of the project. In the initial period, the research vessel will enable development …


Construction of wharf at Koseze pond

We have started with construction of wharf at Koseze pond in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The wharf will serve for docking and powering of research vessel LIFE Stop CyanoBloom 1. The research vessel will allow continuous monitoring of water quality and detection, quantification and mitigation of harmful cyanobacterial blooms.