Pond Koseze Boathouse: live presentation in OHS event

Pond Koseze Boathouse: live presentation in OHS event

In the frame of the project Open Houses Slovenia (OHS), we have presented together with the architects a boathouse for a demonstration vessel Stop CyanoBloom 1. The OHS is the largest Slovenian architectural live exhibition and the largest online design guide of Slovenian contemporary architecture. The Pond Koseze Boathouse, as architects named it, was one of the 124 facilities that could be visited in the context of the exhibition.

The design of the boathouse enables it to merge into the landscape and riparian vegetation of the pond. The interlacement of the cross-laid hazel rods represents lateral walls of the boathouse. Entrance wall, which is made entirely of glass, is also in the function of the information table and allows the visitor a free view into the interior of the boathouse. The roof deck allows the installation of solar panels and thus the autonomous power supply of the vessels and boathouse with electricity. The centrally installed pile support gives the appearance to the boathouse floating above the surface of the pond.

With the inventive elaboration of the docking and manipulative facility with autonomous power supply, we have created a comprehensive solution for the implementation of frequent monitoring and control of algal blooms in water bodies, where thoughtful interventions in the natural environment are needed.